Special Arena: MR Black Diablos


Runner Time Weapon Platform Ruleset
JJBOOMSKY 01'30"81 heavy-bowgun PC Freestyle
Dr. W 01'31"70 bow PC Freestyle
Tidus69 01'45"60 bow PC Freestyle
GunGai 01'49"73 light-bowgun PC Freestyle
Dr. W 01'49"85 bow PC Freestyle
Jackdaw갈까마귀 01'53"81 heavy-bowgun PC Freestyle
TBT 02'01"91 light-bowgun PC TA Rules
Kikitoudur 02'02"63 bow PS4 Freestyle
愛されてドドリア (Aisaretedodoria) 02'06"40 heavy-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Rolltorest 02'08"30 light-bowgun PC TA Rules
Kikitoudur 02'09"85 charge-blade PS4 Freestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'11"50 heavy-bowgun PC TA Rules
Farah 02'12"23 dual-blades PS4 Freestyle
GunGai 02'12"80 light-bowgun PC Freestyle
始初的轻语 02'14"46 bow PC Freestyle
冰凌银爵 02'14"56 bow PC TA Rules
Fataripper 02'18"65 dual-blades PS4 Freestyle
Virkiato 02'19"40 charge-blade PC Freestyle
Crimdawgx 02'19"53 great-sword PC Freestyle
VANS 02'19"55 heavy-bowgun PC Freestyle
Kikitoudur 02'19"61 bow PS4 Freestyle
Bianchimani36 02'20"05 charge-blade PS4 Freestyle
はおー (Haoh) 02'21"81 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
栗子明明很美味啊 02'25"59 light-bowgun PC TA Rules
Refill (リフィル) 02'27"01 bow PS4 Freestyle
TBT 02'28"35 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
E.M.T 02'29"33 bow PC TA Rules
ラギア (Ragia) 02'34"08 bow PS4 Freestyle
Lara 02'37"51 charge-blade PS4 Freestyle
Vivern96 02'39"75 switch-axe PC Freestyle
Hoaquinn 02'40"93 light-bowgun PC TA Rules
0口0 (WeeeXD) 02'41"38 great-sword PC Freestyle
Virkiato 02'42"00 charge-blade PC Freestyle
Dune 02'42"63 charge-blade PS4 Freestyle
Kikitoudur 02'44"20 switch-axe PS4 Freestyle
GunGai 02'47"68 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Greed Gaming 02'50"20 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Vunusa 02'50"85 dual-blades PC Freestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 02'53"31 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
E.M.T 02'54"06 bow PC TA Rules
Black Reaper 02'54"91 dual-blades PS4 Freestyle
Mai LBG 02'57"48 heavy-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 02'57"88 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
HKMH Archer 03'03"99 bow PS4 Freestyle
Blazek 03'05"66 sword-and-shield PS4 Freestyle
Farah 03'05"85 dual-blades PS4 Freestyle
Vunusa 03'08"71 great-sword PC Freestyle
動物愛護団体(UARAKI_SSW) 03'10"50 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
RocksteadyIsMyDaddy 03'11"46 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
Pochi 03'17"48 insect-glaive PS4 Freestyle
Huuuch_ 03'21"15 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
TyOx MH 03'21"23 gunlance Xbox Freestyle
Rbx Vgames 03'25"76 long-sword PS4 Freestyle
PongPong LEE 03'26"99 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
王小卷 03'27"51 switch-axe PC Freestyle
Stone_Lipa(怕君) 03'28"81 long-sword PC TA Rules
Biggs 03'28"99 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
luna 03'29"25 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Rbx Vgames 03'29"76 long-sword PS4 Freestyle
Vunusa 03'30"81 long-sword PC Freestyle
Ogarddrago 03'43"50 switch-axe PC Freestyle
Right 03'44"60 heavy-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Vunusa 03'52"03 hammer PC Freestyle
Saico 03'52"33 bow PS4 TA Rules
Vunusa 03'54"51 lance PC Freestyle
Sculptor91 03'54"93 long-sword PS4 Freestyle
PongPong LEE 03'54"99 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
P!ngz- 03'55"28 heavy-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
Vunusa 03'55"46 hunting-horn PC Freestyle
Stone_Lipa(怕君) 03'57"99 long-sword PC TA Rules
Arthur (肉卷大大) 04'00"58 dual-blades PS4 TA Rules
Vunusa 04'01"15 great-sword PC Freestyle
テル (teru) 04'03"73 light-bowgun PS4 Freestyle
Mai LBG 04'10"28 heavy-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
PongPong LEE 04'10"99 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
Mai LBG 04'11"70 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
Mistil 04'19"98 great-sword PC TA Rules
ryoko 04'21"13 switch-axe PS4 Freestyle
SDHunter 04'21"85 switch-axe PS4 Freestyle
CeraCymmetry 04'36"50 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
Dandy 04'41"16 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
BOBO 04'43"16 long-sword PC TA Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'44"08 light-bowgun PS4 TA Rules
Anne Luca 04'46"76 long-sword PS4 TA Rules
Alex_ 04'56"06 lance PC TA Rules
Mistil 04'56"21 great-sword PC TA Rules
弗丁shushu (fuding) 04'56"86 hammer PC TA Rules
♔ Supernerd 05'05"18 switch-axe PC TA Rules
Vunusa 05'06"91 hunting-horn PC Freestyle
Dichie Shiori 05'20"38 lance PS4 TA Rules
Biggs 05'29"70 charge-blade PS4 TA Rules
个远点 05'39"10 insect-glaive PS4 TA Rules
Mistil 05'53"46 great-sword PC TA Rules
Rbx Vgames 06'09"26 gunlance PS4 Freestyle
The Worst Speedrunner 06'13"76 hunting-horn PS4 Freestyle
Vunusa 06'31"08 lance PC Freestyle
Vunusa 07'00"86 lance PC Freestyle
Taxman 07'07"23 hunting-horn PC TA Rules
String 07'25"03 lance PC TA Rules
Taxman 07'42"31 hunting-horn PC TA Rules
The Worst Speedrunner 07'45"11 lance PS4 Freestyle